End the War on Butter

Posted by on June 4, 2014

 Ever have a moment when something speaks so strongly to you that you just can’t ignore it? Well that’s this moment, right now at 10:30 pm. I should be sleeping but my brain and my SOUL won’t let me, not until I have this all written down.I’m on a campaign to spread the word about eating real, whole nutritious food. Food that can heal the body when ill, create new life and bring life long happiness. I’m also about marrying the realm of conventional medicine, using the talents they have to the best of their abilities. Preforming surgeries, healing massive infections and fixing traumatic events. All these things can live together as one, I know they can. That’s what my calling is, this is my voice…

     This year I told myself that I would push the envelop with myself. Push myself out of my comfort zone and start speaking up. As you guys know this is still very new to me. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a quite person. I won’t really jump into a conversation unless prompted. So by all means, ask questions. It’ll be less painful on me! I’m the type of person that will consume myself with research and literature. I’m also the first to admit I may never open my mouth and share it. That my friends, is where I’m pushing myself. I will share all that I know and continue to learn; the good, the bad and the ugly. No shame, no hiding and certainly no closed books.To start out, today is truly a great day in Times Magazine history. Today they are calling to end the war on fat. As my good friend HighonFat.com said, “Oh how times change…” Its time to end this war. Fat has been imprisoned for far too long without a proper trial. Can you say, “‘innocent until proven guilty?” thats where I’m going with this. Fat had been innocent the whole time. Once politics and money got  involved, (I will need a whole other post to talk about that one) is when fat was locked up and the key was thrown away. To start on our first little jewel of knowledge, I found this link on the Times website. Super fast to watch (everyone has 5 minutes, right?) and gets down to the nitty gritty of saturated fats and where it all went so wrong. Until next time my friends, eat well, stay well…Here’s the link and happy watching!
http://time.com/2861540/fat-and-carbs-diet-guidelines/(Image courtesy of http://transformationone.com)
                 1984                               2014
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