Rebalancing your Lost Electrolytes

Posted by on May 22, 2014

With the temperatures soaring and the dog days of summer quickly approaching I’m finding myself outside more and more. How bout’ you? For the past few days we have been in the 100’s in the bay area! Now, thats hot for us… Today was a pretty brutal day at Coco during my crossfit WOD. It wasn’t so much the WOD as it was the heat zapping me of my electrolytes!! This got me doing some research and comparing labels…

  Im always team water but their comes a time when water just isn’t enough. Whether you’re a Crossfitter, hiker, playing a sport or just lounging by the pool everyone needs to be conscious of how much we’re sweating, your activity level and the amount of sun exposure you’re taking in. Always cover up when you start to get that hint of reddness/blochy-ness as this is your body saying “Hey, had enough UVB exposure. Thanks for all the Vitamin D but we’re full now! Please cover me up or find some shade”. Always listen to your body, only you will know when you’ve had enough!We’ve all seen their ads, and have heard the jingles; big name athletes endorsing some sort of hydration drink (we all know who im talking about) heck, I just saw a commercial for Gatorades newest drink while I was writing this post! Now, being part of this paleo/primal community has defiantly opened my eyes. Opened my eyes to all the JUNK we’re given, whether that be in the form of food or drinks. These drinks are no better for you than if you we’re to drink a soda!! Let’s take a look at whats really in these drinks and what you really need from them…
As you can see its full of total garbage, i.e sugar, sugar and MORE sugar. Oh and a little bit of coloring for your visual pleasure… Let’s look at the numbers, mainly the sugar/carbs. It says only a mere 14g per serving… that’s the tricky part. The whole bottle is 2.5 servings!! I dont know about you, but I’ve never been able to only drink a little bit! So at the end of the day were consuming 35g or about 9 teaspoons of sugar!!! Last time I checked, eating 9 teaspoons of sugar doesn’t sound like a good thing to me… So whats a paleo/primal person to do?!?!I threw this together after I came home broke off from my cross fit WOD. It has everything you need WITHOUT the junk. Because at the end of the day, what a person really needs from these drinks is only a few things: SODIUM, GLUCOSE (sugar) and POTASSIUM. Thats it, nothing magical. No unicorn dust in there! Replacing these valuable electrolytes helps to balance the body, aid in muscle fatigue, cramping, recovery and neurological functions. Your cells need this stuff!!!The Primal Nurse’s Quick Electrolyte Drink:Large cup (mine was appox 26 oz)Couple pinches of sea salt (contains trace mineral, including potassium)

pinch or splash of sweetener (honey/maple syrup or stevia)

splash of lemon/lime juice or any other fun flavor! (mulled berries, cucumbers, etc)

Stir to make sure everything is well incorporated and then bottoms up!!! You’ll feel so much better knowing that you made this and that you can recognized everything in your glass. Remember, if you can’t recognize the ingredients, then your body won’t either!!


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